Irrigation systems Irrigation systems

The evolution of the remote control at the service of irrigation networks

In the design of irrigation systems, attention is focused on three main aspects: the technical and operational requirements, the solutions available and the costs.

As regards the functional and technical constraints, an irrigation system works seasonally, the power supply and telecommunications are not normally available also the wired network is not available.

Consider also that with respect to the remote control of supply networks architectures,  the devices and solutions are similar to those used in the aqueduct, with the significant systems integration to serve the distribution networks.

 By analyzing the evolution of the architecture are highlighted SCADA systems (host computers, hubs, RTU, software SCADA, instruments ...) systems and network transmission. The development of the architecture aims as a goal to respond to new requirements and implementation to achieve performance gains.

In addition to the irrigation infrastructure, A.T.I. develops and offers solutions to optimize water resources through decision support systems.