Integrated Water Cycle Integrated Water Cycle

A.T.I. in the service of Public Utility

The public utility networks are the frameworks on which the services for the community are developed. The public utility are being developed at a level of increasing complexity, correlating and integrating each other and asking, therefore, more smartness in the implementation and management.

The growth of integrated water systems and experiences of supervisors have identified a number of opportunities that play an important role in the ability to increase levels of energy efficiency, sustainable use of resources and delivery of services.

The main objectives of the development of public utility networks are:

• improving energy efficiency and resource management,

• development of the network is compatible with the needs of short or long-term goals

• containment operating costs,

• technological development of infrastructure;

A.T.I., according to these operating methods, designs and produces remote control, monitoring and automation systems for the Public Utilities sector, integrated water cycle.