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At A.T.I designing is a highly valued activity and it is developed by qualified and professional staff.
Whether aimed at a new solution development or as a support for a specific order or for an engineering  activity, designing  defines the technical, functional, construction features of remote control systems with particular care for each details.

This process satisfies the multiple commitments representing the initial issue: a process requiring different phases of analysis, creation and evaluation.

The definition of a specific analytics of a product is the starting point to develop a new solution through which the technical, temporal and economical objectives are achieved. The product specifications are the supporting axis of the project itself being the reference for the consequent activities  such as reviewing, assessment and validation.

Design regarding an order is highly important to meet the contract requirements in particular the Customer's. Therefore data definition and basic requirements represent the activity centre of gravity: not only details of each technical functional elements but also organization and analysis of the interface elements to be remote controlled.
The proposed engineering project is an important design production activity: the analysis, the definition and the requirements evaluation, as well as the Customer's expected functionality require developed skills and the Customer's direct involvement in order to achieve the most updated solutions.
According to the design details, different types of projects are proposed:

  • Preliminary project - it illustrates the quality and functional features of the finished work, the requirements to be met and the specific necessary work.
  • Feasible project-  it determines the technical and functional features of the finished work defining shape, type, quality, dimension and price of the finished work.
  • Constructive project- it defines every single detail of the construction of the appointed work, besides it provides the necessary technical documentation for lab assembling and yard construction and testing.