Production Production

Technique and inventiveness

Planning and activity production require a broad view of all the problems connected to the construction and the installation of a System of Automation and Remote control.
At A.T.I. the project manager himself is in charge of the job since the designing phase coordinating the production activities through an accurate planning in collaboration with production specialized units to understand and reach all the previously defined objectives in terms of time and cost.
Each project design can be divided into smaller and less complex working units. They all have a precise objective to achieve in terms of reaching a specific goal to be combined in the final result of the finished work. This unique result requires a careful definition of the features of the product or service provided to guarantee the achievement of the final objective.
A.T.I. uses specific project management methods for the realization and activation of an Automation and Remote Control System, characterized by a mix of different technologies and operators focused on the execution of a perfectly functioning system. Particular care is given to the interface definition among the different functional subsystems in terms of technique and time control for the regular activities development.
For installation A.T.I is assisted by its technical staff as well as by a specialized and selected national freelance collaboration. Specialized staff is in charge of the activation and installation as well as of the final testing to prove the correct functioning of the system. Besides great attention is paid to the attached supporting instructions of the system easily to be consulted for the best functioning results.