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Innovation & Integration

A.T.I  is a dynamic structure where qualified and experienced staff  work in the remote control systems sector.

The Society offers state of the art solutions developed and used by a group of designers controlling every technological aspect with the knowledge of a significant technological experience in automation and in the remote control of technological networks.

Thanks to the professionalism of the technological commercial staff, the company has achieved an important distinctive presence in the market. The acquiring of important projects, significant and complex, has aided us in achieving the most qualified references. The installation assistance and maintenance complete and guarantee the continuance rendering the service profitable. In the proposed technical solutions particular care and attention are given to the architecture design both to the remote device systems, communication networks and control centers.

The distinctive technical knowledge of the Company ,as well as  the technological synergies  of AC.MO Water Technology allow top solutions conforming to the company aim:

  • Grant the project the maximum value allowed by the state of the art
  • Apply open technologies ,not own ,new or standard  to grant the Client  the best and most durable protection for his investment but  free at the same time  to exploit the market  for changes and enlargement.
  • Realize systems and solutions characterized by a high supply and by the best final price  including execution charges.

The success of the Company finds a key factor also as far as the choice of the Industrial Partners.

A.T.I stands beside a select group of international leaders specialized in offering high technological hardware and software systems.

 Customer satisfaction is carefully monitored  to confirm the validity of the choices.

A.T.I. is a company that consolidates professionalism and capacity with strong innovative technical sense in the processes: its history provides a synthesis of the technological evolution applied to automation and remote control for the technological networks.

 This result is obtained thanks to the aid of modern design and managing technologies with a constant attention to innovation and to the quality of products and processes.

Now more than ever the success of the Company relies on a perfect balance between customer satisfaction and optimization of competencies: the technical component is a key element requiring accurate choices , obviously strategic , but certainly  more business than trend oriented.

According to us the keystone is in the Company approach, not just in the technologies, though still very important: in fact our starting point is the analysis and the Client's requirements  while striving to reach our goal  is our service.